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Jan 31, 2013 8:00pm EST
diplomacy and the creative energy of our people remains unrivaled. no, it's because as the world has changed so too has the leverage and power that can most effectively shape international affairs. i have come to think of it like this. truman and acheson were building the parthenon with classical geometry and clear lines. the pillars were a handful of big institutions and alliances dominated by the major powers and that structure delivered unprecedented peace and prosperity. but time takes its toll even on the greatest edifice. and we do need a new architecture for this new world. more frank gehry ben formal greek. [laughter] think of it. now some of his work at first might appear haphazard but in fact it's highly intentional and sophisticated. where once a few strong columns could hold up the weight of the world, today we need a dynamic mix of materials and structures. now of course american military and economic strength will remain the foundation of our global leadership or go as we saw from the intervention to stop the massacre in libya to the rate that brought bin laden to justice, ther
Feb 4, 2013 8:30pm EST
for oversight and investigation for the house committee on energy and commerce and has also been on the chief oversight counsel for homeland security. and under then senator sam nunn, he was on the senate subcommittee for investigation staff. he has worked at commerce at the justice department, at the state and federal level and today he is the special inspector general for afghanistan's reconstruction we are now entering our 12th year in that conflict, and i wish that we could report that the reconstruction is complete. unfortunately what we do know is that compared to 10 years ago there has been a great deal of progress in afghanistan society and its quality of government but i think as we are all very well aware the reconstruction program has not always gone as expected. we have military units continuing to rotate into afghanistan today. we still have thousands of troops on the ground and we have what is expected to be now a more rapid troop drawdown from afghanistan over the next two years that i think many of our military planners and construction officials had hoped for warrant expected
Feb 5, 2013 8:00pm EST
in cuts to home energy assistance. it's very gold chicago where i'm from. $295 million in cuts to the community oriented policing self-s. the cops program. and i know when i talk to the knew municipalities in my district they talk about they layoffs that have already occurred. so, these cuts mean the jobs are lost or weren't contracted created and services are cut to families and smart investments weren't made. ... create a million new jobs by investing in infrastructure and keeping teachers in the classroom. "the balancing act, it offers long-term deficit reduction in a fair and balanced way. ballast means in addition to smart, targeted spending cuts which were not against and raising revenue we need to put people back to work, growth. the third and least talked-about legged deficit-reduction. extremely if not impossibly difficult. austerity measures that cost jobs that only increase our deficit problem will bring down the deficit by decreasing reliance on safety net programs, taxpayers, improving debt to gdp ratio. job losses under sequestration would include 16,000 school te
Feb 1, 2013 8:00pm EST
institutions, the energy visions and populations in this particular country. so the undeniable progress that we have made, the ethnic diversity that we have observed, and the profound expansion of democracy that we have helped facilitate must be juxtaposed however to the persistence of malignant and often unconscious forces of bye yes that continue to undermine the best potential that we have as american citizens. it gives them the way and we don't know it. you can be a young boy walking down the street with some skills in your hand and saw ice-t and at the phantom and visible by s becomes concrete and definable. the anatomy takes shape in the repulsion of and repugnance to words black or latino or asian or other bodies. just as figments of imagination projected onto the screen of history and what goes on unconsciously what is a stereotype that becomes lethal and deadly when one person seeing another person acts on those stereotypes, that in plus at racism, that ethnic repulsion and all of a sudden this theoretical stuff becomes concrete. stuff that you talk about in classrooms skills over in a
Feb 6, 2013 8:00pm EST
and nanoelectronics will impact many aspect of the economy. health care, energy, transportation, safety, security, and many more. china and korea understand that the country that leads in nanoelectronics will reap economic benefits way the u.s. has dominated the last fifty years where the microelectronics are. fourth point, i think there are four areas that changes in policies need to be focused. to scare change outcome. first, the federal funding and basic research. even in tough economic times, we must protect the investment in the future. second, is we must make a priority for world class stem education k through 12 in the u.s. it needs to be a national imperative implemented on a local basis. three, high skill immigration reform. i appreciate the leadership that mr. chairman, you have shown and mrs. lofgren on the issues and we look forward to hopefully resolution to it. and in fourth, is exomp hencive tax reform for u.s. companies to complete globally. the world has changed considerably since 1986, the last time taxes were considerably reformed. we must have an environment where u.s. headqua
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5